Help Spread Hope at Christmas

A woman shares her experience volunteering at Christmas at The Library and hopes you will volunteer too. Share some HOPE this Christmas!


Jesus Followers

Today is the day — Jesus Followers, the new book by Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, is available to the public.
But this weekend, Anne and her daughter Rachel-Ruth, came out for a special book signing and prerelease celebration at The Billy Graham Library.


Archive Insider: Charles Lindbergh Bust

See the unique item Billy Graham received when he was at the Treasure Valley Crusade in Boise, Idaho.  A bust of Charles Lindbergh was presented to Mr. Graham by the United States Headquarters of the Twelfth Air Force.


The Legacy of the Gospel – Route 66 San Bernardino, California

The eighth and final stop on Franklin Graham’s Route 66 God Loves You Tour is San Bernardino, California on Saturday, October 2 at 7 p.m. at National Orange Show Event Center.
While Billy and Franklin Graham never preached in San Bernardino, there is quite a legacy and history of the Graham’s preaching in California.


70th Anniversary of Hour of Decision on Television

September 30, 1951 marks the first time Billy Graham appeared on television with the “Hour of Decision” program.  Experts called the 50’s the “golden age” of television. Televisions had created an enormous impact on society and reshaped how people spent their leisurely time. In 1940, 22 year old Billy Graham marveled at seeing a television …


The Legacy of the Gospel – Route 66 Flagstaff, Arizona

While both Billy Graham and Franklin Graham never preached in Flagstaff, Arizona, there is a legacy of ministry in Arizona.
Mr. Graham held Crusades in Phoenix in 1964 and 1974. This will be Franklin’s first time preaching in Flagstaff during the Route 66 God Loves You Tour. Franklin preached in Tucson and Yuma in 1991. He also came through the Phoenix area in 2016 for the Decision America Tour.


The Legacy of the Gospel – Route 66 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Both Billy Graham, and his son Franklin Graham, have a history in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In fact, in his book  Just As I Am, Billy Graham shared about one of the most memorable evangelistic events for him personally. It was during a Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1998 when his son, Franklin, preached the first two nights and Billy Graham preached for the last two meetings.