Read the Bible in a Year — November 2017

“We should read the Bible expectantly, systematically, and obediently. … The Bible can change our lives as we read it and obey its teachings every day.”

— from “Answers to Life’s Problems” by Billy Graham


Read the Bible in a Year—September 2017

“The best way to pray is to open the Bible and pray Scripture back to the Lord, claiming His promises and asking that He strengthen and guide [us] in obeying His Word.”


Read the Bible in a Year—June 2017

God’s Unchanging Word Early in my life I had some doubts about whether or not the Bible was really God’s Word. But one night in 1949 I knelt before a stump in the woods of Forest Home, California, opened my Bible and said, “O God, there are many things in this Book I do not …


Read the Bible in a Year—March 2017

“Many of the difficulties we experience as Christians can be traced to a lack of Bible study and reading. We should not be content to skim through a chapter merely to satisfy our conscience. Hide the Word of God in your heart!” —Billy Graham Read the Bible in a Year If you started reading along …