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Wedding Day Letter from Billy to Ruth

“Ruth and I don’t have a perfect marriage,” Billy Graham once said. “But we have a great one.”

The love between Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham was inspiring to all. They spoke so highly of each other and exemplified how to keep Christ the center of a marriage. Below you can read the letter that Billy wrote Ruth on their wedding day 75 years ago.

The letter says:

Aug. 13, 1943

— To love thee, to cherish thee to protect thee so long as we both shall live. To be tender, kind patient and true is the deepest desire of my heart tonight.

My Darling, I love you with a love that knows no bounds and together under the leadership of the Holy Spirit we shall walk life’s road together.

May we be calm in His presence

May we rest our souls in Him

May we feed on the fullness of His Word

May we die to all things of time.



Read reflections from their wedding day here.

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  1. Lily Hayman says:

    Beautiful and inspirational

  2. Joan Green says:

    Words are not adequate enough to say how very much my family and I have appreciated and LOVED hearing the preaching of the GOSPEL of CHRIST thru Billy Graham.
    GOD bless him and those he loved forevermore!!!!

  3. June Dianne & Kenneth Ray Wells says:

    That was such a sweet and precious letter. We will be married 54 years this coming Nov. 20th. Billy Graham has always been an inspiration to both of us. We have visited the library twice and would love to go again sometime. We don’t have the perfect marriage either but it has been a really good one. God has blessed us in so many ways. We love the BGEA and believe God is doing a great work through it. May God continue His blessings on your endeavors.
    Love in Christ, Dianne & Ken Wells

  4. Connie Little says:

    That is beautiful thank you so much for sharing. It shows the heart of a man that loves God first and then his family it will be an inspiration to everyone . In hopes that future husbands would have that heart and soul we are very blessed to have such a Godly husband and wife to join together to create such a legacy of love for God

  5. Karen says:

    Most beautiful love words spoken by Billy—loved this and them! Still do.

  6. John Doria says:

    Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ

    Today my wife and I have been married 37 years. We didn’t realize until today that we were married on the same day as Billy and Ruth. Although Linda and I did not know the Lord when we got married, we both were saved on August 22, 2004. So August is a very important month for us. Linda’s birthday is in August, we were married in August, and God saved us in August. Not in the same years of course. We talk about the most important of those dates, the day we were saved to live with the Lord forever in eternity of course being the most important.

    We have been to the Library a couple of times , living now in NC. We love the Lord now and serving Him.


  7. Janet M. Reynolds says:

    Wow! What a love letter. And he faithfully loved her to the end.

  8. Brenda S. Brim says:

    How blessed we were to have known them. How even more blessed we were to have loved them! GOD’S blessings to their beautiful loving family whom were extremely blessed to call them mom and dad!!!

  9. Karen Erwin says:

    This letter was beautiful..

  10. Barbara Weeks says:

    Ruth’s and Billy Graham’s love for each other was so sweet and special. I just lost my wonderful husband on Jan. 25th, 2018. We were married for 67 years. we had a wonderful life together. I attribute it to our both being Christians and following God’s will for our lives. I really miss him and look forward to the DAY when we meet again.. Ruth and Billy really were an inspiration. In God’s Love, Barbara


    This is so beautiful. God Bless

  12. Richard Pecht says:

    I have always greatly admired Dr. Graham. I do not worship him, but I believe he is an example of a man of God that we could all learn from, follow his example for living life, and try to emulate our Christian walk, and sustain a loving and devoted relationship in his marriage. And, I can say the identical same about Ruth, his lovely wife. How pleased God must have been with them both.

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