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Vision 2020: Franklin Graham’s Vision

November 13, 2020


Franklin Graham initially resisted God’s call on his life to be an evangelist. In his autobiography, Rebel with a Cause, Franklin details his struggle:

“There was one thing I was never going to do–no way; preach at a crusade! Just being Billy Graham’s son creates plenty of comparisons; I don’t need to go looking for more…There was only one “problem.” In the late 1980s, I became increasingly convinced that God was calling me to evangelism. The thought sent shivers down my spine.”

Eventually, after many conversations with his mentors, Franklin accepted God’s call on his life to be an evangelist and has since held many Festivals (his version of Crusades) around the world.

One such Festival was called “Vision SA” and sought to share the Gospel with the people of South Africa.

This month’s archives feature is a poster advertising Vision S.A. with Franklin Graham in 1997.

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