Ruth Bell Graham on her father, Nelson Bell—A man of God

Dr. L Nelson Bell, 1972

Daddy was a man’s man: an athlete, a daredevil, a practical jokester. He loved music, played the guitar, and had a fine singing voice. He laughed heartily and found much to laugh over. He was also known as a hard worker, moving quickly and surely through life as if he always knew where he was going and what God would have him do.

And I’m sure he did, for I cannot recall getting up in the morning but what Daddy would be reading his Bible (and his greeting, “Ruth, have you read your Bible yet?” frequently sent me back to my room to begin the day as I should), or on his knees getting his instructions from God.

Those instructions were always practical and down-to-earth, which is, after all, where Daddy lived.

from “It’s My Turn,” by Ruth Bell Graham

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