Billy Graham’s Birthday at the White House

November 7, 2020

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Long before George W. Bush became President, he had a friendship with Billy and Ruth Graham. As a young man, Bush heard Billy talk about his faith in Christ multiple times at his parents’ vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Those talks caused Bush to reflect on his life choices and grow in his own faith.

Billy and Ruth Graham’s friendship with George W. Bush began long before he held a political office. Here, he is featured with Billy and Ruth and his twin daughters.

Years later, George W. Bush became President of the United States and led the nation through the horrible tragedy of 9/11. During that time, President Bush sought Billy Graham to offer a message of hope at the National Day of Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.

On Nov. 6, 2001, just months later, President Bush invited Billy and Ruth Graham, along with their children and their spouses to the White House for a dinner in celebration of Billy’s 83rd birthday. On the menu was Maine lobster, roasted veal, and birthday cake.

Menu from Billy Graham’s 83rd Birthday Celebration at the White House

It was a quiet gathering between the two families who have so valued and honored each other’s friendship over the years.

When Billy passed away in 2018, President Bush was the first former president to pay his respects at the Graham Family Homeplace during the lie in repose. “If there’s such a thing as a humble shepherd of the Lord, Billy Graham is that person. I am unbelievably blessed to have met him,” President Bush said.

Now through December, the Billy Graham Library is featuring a special exhibit, Pastor to Presidents, which highlights Billy’s friendship with those in our nation’s highest office. To find out more, visit BiIlly Graham: Pastor to Presidents.

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