A Heart for Service: Library Volunteers

April 13, 2023

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Volunteers are the backbone of daily operations at the Billy Graham Library. Whether they are greeting guests inside, praying with them, answering questions in The Journey of Faith, or simply sharing information, our volunteers are a vital part of the ministry to guests who visit from around the world.

We call the volunteers “Doorkeepers” because volunteers not only have the privilege of physically opening doors for our guests, but they also open doors spiritually as they introduce them to Jesus.

Our volunteers are a significant part of the ministry, joining a community of people who love to serve and support one another and meet people from around the world, all while growing and strengthening their own faith.

Meet Jim Pennington

Jim Pennington, volunteer.

Seasoned volunteer Jim Pennington started volunteering 14 years ago, in 2009. A friend had convinced him to volunteer for Christmas at the Library, and he loved it so much, he decided to commit to volunteering on a regular basis. He works in the Prayer Room, where it’s clearly communicated how one can make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. He is passionate about praying, counseling and encouraging guests who come through his area. When asked why he volunteers at the Library, he answered, “I am led to tell people about Jesus Christ, and this is a much more favorable setting to do that then to catch them in front of Walmart.” Here are a few more questions and Jim’s insightful answers.


What do you enjoy most about volunteering at the Library?

“I certainly enjoy the staff and other volunteers, but I enjoy more than anything to have a face to face conversation with the guests.”

How does it make you feel to volunteer here?

“Blessed, totally…by the end of the day when I leave I’m a different person than the grouchy old man who got out of bed earlier. God has blessed me with the ability to minister to someone and He just continually never fails. He never fails me.”

Have you made any friendships from volunteering here?

“Yes, friendships both internally [other volunteers and staff] and externally from guests. We know people and have a relationship with people that started as guests… and they themselves have started volunteering here.”

Has it helped your walk with the Lord to volunteer here?

“Definitely. What it does is it gives you a consistent full day of serving the Lord in an intense manner. It’s not like you are working Him into your schedule. He is your schedule.”

What would you say to people who are considering volunteering here?

“If they are looking for a purpose and a way to serve their Lord, this is the place to be, because it exists for that reason.”

Our volunteers touch lives when they give biblical counsel and prayer.

Become a Volunteer

When you volunteer at the Billy Graham Library you are making a difference in the community and you are serving the Lord. A smiling face, a word of encouragement, or a prayer from one of our volunteers can change a guest’s life. The ultimate goal for everyone who serves at the Billy Graham Library is to point them to Jesus Christ—that’s what Billy Graham would want – and that is exactly what our volunteers do.

We are so grateful for the lasting impact that the volunteers have on our guests, staff, and even other volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at the Billy Graham Library and purposefully to serving the Lord, please come to our volunteer fair on Thursday, April 27, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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