10 Quotes from Billy Graham on the Birth of Jesus Christ

As Christmas Day approaches, we’re taking the time to dwell on the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of our Savior. In honor of this, here are 10 quotes from Billy Graham on the birth of Jesus Christ.

“No other day on the calendar catches the imagination of young and old alike as does Christmas. It’s a high and holy day—a day when the veil is drawn back and we get a fresh view of eternity. Such a vision of truth should be spread near and far.”

“But why did Jesus leave heaven’s glory and come down to live amid earth’s filth and corruption? He came for one reason: to save us from our sins.”

“Over 2,000 years ago, on a night the world has come to call Christmas, a young Jewish maiden went through the experience countless mothers had before her, and would since: She brought forth a child. But this was no ordinary child. This was the unique Son of God, sent from Heaven to save us from our sins (Matthew 2:11).”

“Christmas should be a day when our minds go back to Bethlehem, beyond the noise of our materialistic world, to hear the soft flutter of angels’ wings.”

“God did not send His heavenly angelic hordes to accomplish His majestic purpose, but He sent a tiny, tender, helpless babe in the person of His son.”

“Don’t leave Jesus in the manger; don’t remember Him only at Christmas. Instead, learn to walk with Him every day, as you pray and read His Word and ask Him to help you.”

“My prayer today is that the message of this Christmas time will be a personal message to you that Jesus will be Prince of Peace in your life and will bring peace and satisfaction and joy to you.”

“Christmas cards, the smell of pine drifting through the house, the fireplace crackling—all of these things turn our thoughts to those we love. But often it is a sad time for those who are alone, without close friends or family. We all should look for others to reach out to especially at this time of year and extend a hand of fellowship, a heart of love. This is what Jesus did for all mankind. He reached down from Heaven by giving Himself to us—a people in great need of a relationship with their God and Maker.”

“Christmas is the most thrilling season of the year because its message is that Jesus brings joy and love through His sacrificial gift of forgiveness and redemption.”

“Christmas is about receiving and giving. Give the gift of the true Christmas story—that God gave His Son so that mankind would receive Him. Let’s focus not on our own joys but making others joyful. The greatest gift we can give others is to tell them about the most wonderful Gift God has bestowed on the whole world.”

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  1. James Harrison says:

    Thank you for such powerful words. My father died when I was 11, on 21 December, 1962. I have been bitter about Christmas. Please pray for me to not be that way.

  2. Carla Tanner says:

    God Bless the Graham family
    I am one of the people that is alone on Christmas Eve and day. But I am grateful Christ came in to the world so we have hope, forgiveness and eternity with Jesus.

  3. Tesfay says:

    It’s the true message of Christmas. But Billy Graham was a great servant of Jesus Christ our Savior. He is preaching style is powerful.

  4. Jan says:

    Thank you so much I’ve had such a hard time since my Dad passed. You made me feel like I’m not alone . Thank you God bless.

  5. Uwaifo Amedu says:

    I love Jesus. He is all I will ever need.

  6. Solairaj Joseph says:

    These quotes of Billy Graham are very nice.

  7. Carol johansing says:

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for your encouragement through Facebook. So often your words are just what I need to hear that moment! I praise God for you!

  8. Car Mitchell, Clarence, Dixie the Labrador says:

    May GOD BLESS you all for all this time and LOVE that you all do for your Daddy. He’s truly a blessing of GOD. And you all carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We all love you so much. Thanks for being my brother and sister of Christ. I know looks down on you all and smile and say there carrying on the Bible. That’s wonderful. Good Job. Again may GOD BLESS you all. The Mitchell’s stand with you ALWAYS.

  9. Linda Otterback says:

    My husband and I accepted Christ in 1956 at same time, BG Crusade in Louisville., KY.
    We later realized this fact after 52 yrs marriage and discussing Dr Graham one evening.

  10. Rajesh. A. N says:

    Praise the Lord in the name of Jesus I want know more about the history of Jesus I read the above message and I’m inspired

  11. Chris Sholar says:

    Merry Christmas! Jesus is born!

  12. Amansing Kazingmei says:

    Thank you so much
    Billy Graham
    I still watch your Sermon
    My favourite Preacher
    I want your wisdom too

  13. Emuveyan Mercy Esiovwe says:

    Love all write ups on Billy Graham

  14. Brenda C. Nutter says:

    Blessings to you Billy and Ruth Graham in Heaven . We love and miss you all!🎄❤️

  15. carolyn eaton says:

    Thank you

  16. Carol Langevin says:

    Thank you for the part you play in spreading the gospel. We all need to be the hands of Jesus in doing what He would want us to do in spreading the gospel and caring for His children…regardless of color, age, homeland. We need to take this seriously all year long. We don’t know when He will return to take us home. Will He say ” well done, thou good and faithful servant,?

  17. Ralph Matthew Laenger says:

    ANd he did IT JUST FOR ME

  18. Jennie M. Cruz says:

    Amen thank you

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