10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Children

August 10, 2021

We all love our children, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to navigate parenthood. The Bible is full of knowledge for parents to become better at their roles. Billy Graham had some thoughts on the topic of children, too.

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham on Children:

There is always the exceptional child, but the average tells us that the child is largely what the home has made him.

Children respect discipline. They want to be guided. It gives them a sense of belonging, a sense of security.

God gave us our children so we could prepare them to be adults.

I missed the joy of seeing our children grow and change. I thank God for watching over them during those years.

It may shock some parents to learn that we don’t own our children. God has given them to us in trust…however, God may transfer our children to His home at any time.

Love your children—and let them know you love them. Children who experience love find it far easier to believe God loves them.

If a child is to survive, he or she must know the rules of safety. If he is to be healthy, he must know the rules of health. If he is to drive a car, he must know the rules of the road. If he is to become a ball player, he must learn the rules of the game. And, contrary to popular thinking, children appreciate rules.

One of the worst things we can do is to allow our children to grow up thinking they don’t need to keep any rules. A spoiled child becomes a spoiled adult.

Children will learn far more by watching than just listening.

If our children grow up with no understanding of right or wrong…no desire to live with integrity…no faith in God…their souls will be impoverished and they will miss life’s highest good.

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