10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Character

June 10, 2021

We all define people by their character. Who they are, say and do impact our view of them. Billy Graham shared his thoughts on character many times.

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham on Character:

God never directs in a way contrary to His character. When the Scripture tell us that He will direct our paths, we can be assured that when He is in control, no matter how thorny the path, He will not tell us to jump of a cliff.

It is unfair to attribute virtues beyond a person’s true character.

In character-building and in living the Christian life, concentration is important. The [person] who has a general interest in everything usually isn’t too good at anything.

Consistency, constancy, and undeviating diligence to maintain Christian character are a must if the older generation is to command respect, or even a hearing, from the young.

A godlikeness of character is the Christian’s proper heritage in this earthly walk.

One of the real tests of Christian character is to be found in the lives we live from day to day.

A few years ago, honesty was a hall mark of a man of good character. But it’s been set aside for an “It’s all right if you don’t get caught” philosophy.

Trials and difficulties may assail the life of a believer, but they also have the ability to remold his character and banish from his life those impurities which might impair growth and service.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so it our character.

True greatness is not measured by the headlines a person commands or the wealth he or she accumulates. The inner character of a person—the undergirding moral and spiritual values and commitments—is the true measure of lasting greatness.

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