10 Quotes from Billy Graham on America

July 28, 2021

Billy Graham was an international figure for the majority of his life. But, he had much to share about his home country.

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham on America:

America has probably been the most successful experiment in history. The American Dream was a glorious attempt. It was built on a religious foundation. Its earliest concepts came from Holy Scripture.

We have many battles going on in America today that we should be a people of prayer. Our government needs prayer. Our leaders need prayer. Our schools need prayer. Our youth need our prayers. Our families need our prayers.

The secret strength of a nation is found in the faith that abides in the hearts and homes of the country.

Nations rise, they flourish for a time, and then they decline. Eventually every empire comes to an end; not even the greatest can last forever.

There is no doubt that nations come to an end when they have ceased to fulfill the function that God meant for them.

God honored and blessed America as few nations in history. However, in recent years the nation has been moving away from its religious heritage.

I believe America has gone a long way down the wrong road. If we ever needed God’s help, it is now.

Spiritually, we have wandered far from the faith in our fathers… no nation which relegates the Bible to the background, which disregards the love of God and flouts the claims of the Man of Galilee, can long survive.

The Pilgrims had vision and hope because they lived in the dimension of eternity. Their strength of spirit was forged by a personal faith in God, by tough discipline, and by regular habits of devotion.

Our nations grew strong in an era when moral standards were emphasized, and it will grow weak when we condone that which we once condemned.

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