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10 Quotes from Billy Graham about the Cross

As we approach Easter, here are some quotes from Billy Graham about the power of the cross.

“The cross is the only way of salvation. And the cross gives a new purpose to life.”

“The cross shows the seriousness of our sin—but it also shows us the immeasurable love of God.”

“Sin was conquered on the cross. [Christ’s] death is the foundation of our hope, the promise of our triumph!”

“The cross is the suffering love of God bearing the guilt of man’s sin, which alone is able to melt the sinner’s heart and bring him to repentance for salvation.”

“The ground is level at the foot of the cross.”

“When Jesus hung on the cross, a great unseen cosmic battle raged in the heavens—and in the end, Christ triumphed over all the forces of evil and death and hell.”

“Though the cross repels, it also attracts. It possesses a magnetic quality.”

“To take up your cross means to associate yourself with Christ and to share His rejection. It means you take a stand for Christ even though people make fun of you, persecute you—or even kill you! ”

“The greatest vision of sin that a person can ever receive is to look at the cross.”

“Once you have been to the cross, you will never be the same.”

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  1. Ayoade, Jesumbo says:


  2. Sharon Nye says:

    Praise Christ for what He did for us on that Cross. Not alot of preachers are teaching Christ and The Cross. Its the entirety of the Bible. Give everything to Christ and what He did for us on The Cross. He changed my life from a drunk, whore, drug user and changed me to a lover of Our Lord. I was saved 25 years ago and am still learning and will probably the rest of my life continue to learn of all that The Cross entails. EVERYTHING comes through Jesus and The Cross.

    1. Jeneen Hall says:

      Thank you for sharing your testimony Sharon. I was delivered of the exact sins and many others 6 years ago, this July. My life, because of Jesus’ work on the cross has been forever changed. I will praise Him eternally.

  3. Stephen Ridgway says:

    Love Easter! God is good!!!

  4. Gloria Fender says:

    Thanks to the cross and the love of Christ, I can live eternally in a Beautiful Place called Heaven with Jesus and all my love ones who choose to follow Him. Hell would be the alternative and it is also eternal. Thank you Jesus!

  5. Maurice Quidley Sr says:

    The Cross is the definition of the New Covenant actually it is the New Covenant.

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