Billy Graham Library’s Compassion in Crisis Display: Responding to Hurting People Worldwide

July 21, 2016

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Our world is all too familiar with disasters, like the recent violence in France or the flood in West Virginia. These tragedies, whether man-made or natural, hit hard, shattering lives and threatening to steal hope when it’s needed the most.

In these times of deep pain and turmoil, God calls Christians to show His love and serve those in need (Matthew 9:36). The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has answered that call in Jesus’ name throughout the last 60 years of ministry. Visitors to the Billy Graham Library can reflect on these moments through a special display called Compassion in Crisis, which is featured on the Journey of Faith tour.

Now through Oct. 31, the display highlights the work of Billy and Franklin Graham, the World Emergency Fund and the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) in disaster zones around the world. For decades, the Graham family has used these ministries to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those experiencing great loss and tragedy.

Katrice Dorleus was a third-grader attending school roughly 30 minutes from the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. During a recent Library visit, she paused at the exhibit, reflecting on how the crisis-trained chaplains ministered in her New York neighborhood. The deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil prompted Franklin Graham to start the Rapid Response Team. He was struck by the overwhelming sense of hopelessness so many New Yorkers experienced while looking for loved ones in the aftermath.

“They [the Rapid Response Team chaplains] cared—they reached out to us and prayed for us,” Dorleus said. “It was a good thing.”

The Compassion in Crisis display gives a powerful reminder of God’s love toward hurting people through the work of BGEA. But the work isn’t finished yet as North Carolina pastor Scott Faw noted during his recent visit.

“We can be the Lord’s hands and feet in those times of tragedy,” said Faw, who recently celebrated his birthday with a visit to the Library. “I think it’s great because people are open to the Gospel at that point probably more so than any other time in their lives.”

As another Library guest, Terry Sea, said while gazing at a picture of Franklin Graham praying with a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, “It’s good that there’s people like him around to be there for the people that need it. … It’s amazing.”

The special exhibit will be on display until Oct. 31. Plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library.
The special exhibit will be on display until Oct. 31. Plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library.

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