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A Collection of Sports Artifacts

May 23, 2018

With a 60 year ministry comes historic and memorable artifacts. For the remainder of this year, we will feature a monthly collection of artifacts from our archives. This month we are featuring multiple sports items from Billy Graham’s life and ministry.

1982 — Autographed Baseball

This Boston Red Sox baseball was autographed by many players and given to Billy Graham.

1997 — Giants Uniform

San Francisco Giants uniform jersey with Billy Graham’s name on the back. This was given to Mr. Graham on Oct. 16, 1997 at the closing of the Oakland, California Crusade by the San Francisco Giants.

2016 — NFL Hall of Fame Helmet

NFL Hall of Fame football helmet, signed by Jim Kelly and gifted at the Billy Graham Library on March 5, 2016.

Imprinted Golf Ball

Titleist 8 golf ball imprinted with Billy Graham’s name. This ball was collected from his home.

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