2015 Countdown to Christmas Giveaway

Christmas at the Library is in full swing here at the Billy Graham Library. Are we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the birth and Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than by sharing some Christ-centered books with you — our readers.

Today we are giving away Born To You This Day: Christmas Reflection on the Savior,  a devotional written by Cissie Graham Lynch, daughter of Franklin Graham and granddaughter of Billy Graham.


Congratulations to our giveaway winners!

CGL devo giveaway winners





Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive a FREE copy of Born to You This Day, share your favorite thing about Christmas in the comments below. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at http://billygrahamlibrary.org/2015-countdown-to-christmas-giveaway/ before Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015 at 12 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Dolly Sarrio says:

    The wonderful reason we celebrate and the joy that fills our souls especially at this time of the year!

  2. Shelli Simontacchi says:

    Celebrating the gift of Jesus in a world that seems crazier by the day. Also, spending time with friends and family doing fun activities. Christmas tea at my church.

  3. Gloria Spurlock says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is having our sons and their families with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and all of us going to Christmas Eve services together.

  4. Erin Leyen says:

    I LOVE giving…finding the perfect thing for each person I love that is a little blessing & something they might not spend money on themsleves. Not necessarily worth a lot of money, but something that is an expression of the joy they bring me all year.

  5. Pam Pape says:

    I love all the lights, especially the Light of Christ!

  6. Diane says:

    The birth of Jesus. A chance to share the story of Bethlehem and his birth. A lot of people don’t know Jesus. But to share this and open up their hearts to Jesus Christ is amazing ! I love Jesus and he loves you ! Amen

  7. Charlene Broome says:

    What I like about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, being around family and friends enjoy going to church on Christmas Eve and listening to our kids at church sing the praise of our Savior and there Christmas play on the birth of our Savior

  8. Jeffrey Grove says:

    Spending time with my family celebrating the birth of Jesus…..

  9. Elaine Rosell-Wooten says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with family to celebrate the reason for the season, Jesus.

  10. Teresa Watts says:

    Celebrating Jesus!

  11. Ginger Gortney says:

    My mom was the choir director at our church. I always loved to see the Christmas Cantata after all the work that went into it. It was always powerful, beautiful and some of my best memories of the season.

  12. sally branch says:

    CHRISTMAS time is about jesus christ. Our saviour born in a manager.I think u jesus for being born.I think u for my family and friends christmas time is about giving to others and being there for all a time of rejoicing and being thankful.Merry Christmas to u Billy Graham and your family.you have been a great blessing to my family

  13. Barbara Jobo says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is going to Christmas Eve services with my family and my Mom. Hearing her sing carols with my family is heartwarming!

  14. JoAnn Watson says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is knowing that it is this day that our Savior was born and he has forgiven me for all my sins. Also I love the Christmas music more than any other music. I always get teary eyed when I hear the beautiful Christmas songs about Jesus!

  15. Nancy says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is remembering when I was a child. My mom an dad had 10 children and we never knew what it was like to have a stocking,we had pokes all the way around our old cedar tree that our brother would cut and bring home for all of us kids to trim. I can remember stringing popcorn for the garland. We had the huge Christmas lights made from way back when. I also remember Mom and Daddy always making homemade fruit salad on Christmas Eve in a large dishpan. It was the best. I so love the memories of being a child long ago and these memories are as alive today in my heart as they ever was. I do miss those Christmases of yesterday. And my children and grands love to hear about the days of long ago.
    Memories Forever

  16. Lisa Or Robinson says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with family and celebrating the reason for the season. Jesus Christ Birthday

  17. Jamie says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is attending the candlelight service at our church with my family.

  18. Linda McElreath says:

    The birth of our Savior and Lord
    Church actives and Church friends

  19. Alcy Comer Prevette says:

    Christmas Eve! The peacefulness. Not about the hustle and bustle. There is no present like the humbleness of that night…each year. So very thankful.

  20. Dawn Head says:

    As a little kid our Sunday School class would go Caroling at nursing homes. The look of joy and happiness on their faces.

  21. Lisa Robinson says:

    Christmas to me is spending time with your loved ones and celebrating the real reason for the season Jesus Christ.

  22. Jenny Ignarski says:

    My favorite Christmas memory and tradition is always going to Christmas Candlelight service with my family. I walk into my home church where I have grown up and see all my brothers and sisters in Christ from my childhood with their families as well.

  23. Sabrina says:

    I love Christmas time, it’s my favorite time of the year! It’s a time to focus on Gods ultimate gift to us, the birth of His son. It’s hard in this secular world, but it’s what celebrating Christmas means. I’m teaching my three year old daughter that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s also a time for family, friends, giving and love!

  24. Candace Roberts says:

    I love the peaceful feeling of Christmas.

  25. Candace Roberts says:

    I love the memories of Christmas past growing up and the peaceful feeling.

  26. Kathy Moore says:

    Celebrating the birth of Jesus with my family, that brings us together in faith. Being thankful to the only living God. Praying for the coming will of the NEW YEAR.

  27. Susan Ferrell says:

    Looking forward to coming to the Billy Graham library, Christmas experience!

  28. Mary Ann Wilson says:

    Every Year, I Get so Over whelmed about putting out Our Nativity Set. It Just Reminds Me So Much of How Jesus Came to Save Us. It Shows Us Gods Love in So Many Ways.

  29. Sandra Calvert says:

    I am blessed to have an amazing Christian heritage and many memories of wonderful times at Christmas. One of my favorites is of my Aunt and Uncle who had no children but gave all five of us a wonderful Christmas each year. My parents did the best they could but our Aunt Dula and Uncle Will made it really special. The best part is that later in years, as adults, we were able to return their love and kindness and make Christmas special for them!!!

  30. Elaine Sutphin says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is Celebrating the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who came into our world to save us from our sins and give us eternal life in Heaven!! Jesus is our only hope out of this sinful world!!

  31. Virginia Mandujano says:

    I love everything about Christmas! Oh! Except black Friday. Don’t love black Friday. But I love pondering the Biblical stories of Jesus birth and what that ultimately means for mankind. I love Jesus. So glad to take a few weeks to contemplate how He left the glory of heaven to tabernacle with us.

  32. Jennifer Rieger says:

    I love Advent my time in prayer as I await the coming of Jesus, our Saviour and King , and the sheer joy of celebrating His birth on Christmas morning while gathered around the tree with grandchildren and children.

  33. Grace Rehme says:

    II Corinthians 5:21…I celebrate that Jesus came to be a part of me so that l can be a part of Him for all eternity!

  34. Natie Nolasco says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is giving gifts to loved ones and seeing their faces light up with joy! Also, love seeing my daughter get excited for the holiday and being able to share the true meaning of Christmas with her. Our yearly visit to the library is always a holiday highlight for us!

  35. Patricia Rudd says:

    I enjoy Christmas Music. I enjoy listening to choirs sing Christmas carols. Singing Christmas hymns is fabulous. I often thought someone ought to take a single hymn and teach the music as well as the history and meaning of the lyrics as a lesson.

  36. Mary Haneline says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my husbands family. He is the oldest of five & has the most awesome mother…. There are 16 grandchildren now & they all LOVE their Mamaw Wanda. She has started the tradition of the grandchildren presenting the Christmas story every year. It may be in song , a play or reading the story as they are all in costume. You never really know what they will do, but it is precious every time. This Christmas they will range in age of 21 – 6 months. We are blessed with an awesome family!!!

  37. Jennifer says:

    I love celebrating Polish Christmas Eve, Wigilia. So many great memories with my family keeping all the Polish traditions! Merry Christmas! A Savior is born!

  38. William Monty says:

    Christmas is about God, family and friends. We have a tradition that goes back 63 years that on Christmas night we gather family and friends and give thanks to God and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and celebrate with cake and punch. Christ is the reason for the season.

  39. Karen Foster says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is that it’s a time when even those far from God seek Him in some way. Its a time of remembrance and reflection on God’s personal gift.

  40. lawana bailey says:

    So glad my family celebrates the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: JESUS’ BIRTHDAY and doesnt allow it to be about us and what we get! So proud that my daughter explains to her children u must give to recieve! SUCH A BLESSING TO BE ABLE TO BLESS OTHERS AS CHRIST WANTS US TO!!

  41. Geneva White says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing HOPE restored, especially to the less fortunate because people will go out of their norm to do something meaningful and special , regardless of motive, for the less fortunate….doing something to meet the core needs of those otherwise forgotten. And with some of these strangers to the less fortunate, they are really changed by emanating Christ in Christmas.

  42. Tracie Martin says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is first, it’s a time to reflect on and celebrate Jesus’ birth. Also, it’s always such a great time to gather with our friends and family to eat with each other and catch up with the ones we do not get to see as often because of the miles that seperate us from one another. It’s such a great feeling to see the “wonder” in the children’s eyes as they are read the Christmas Story each year as a family. Sometimes we act it out which is even better. I love the decorating at the church as we count down with advent. The Christmas season is just an amazing time to celebrate the true meaning.

  43. Kelly Loflin says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating Jesus and watching my children learn about giving.

  44. Paul Smith says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is Jesus and the reminder of God’s incredible love for people and the humble ways in which He expressed this love.

  45. Judy Hartman says:

    Spending time with family.

  46. S Leonhart says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is I NEVER get tired of playing Christmas songs, family and friends gathering to celebrate the birth of Jesus, caroling, visiting the needy, giving to others in “surprises”, sharing the joy of Jesus and the Christmas season, cooking special meals …I can go on and on….yes, I’m one of those that drives others crazy playing Christmas music the ENTIRE month..and I never get tired of hearing those “Jesus songs!”

  47. Pamela Poston says:

    Birth of Jesus Christ’s

  48. Linda says:

    My favorite memories of Christmas are going to candle light service at church and singing carols in the choirs.

  49. Barbara says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is that people are more open, willing and apted to hear about Jesus than any other time of the year. His peace really does reign.

  50. Marni Arnold says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is remembering what Jesus did for me 12 years ago when He invited me into a relationship with Him 4 days prior to Christmas Day. I’ll never forget that night in Gastonia, NC at a church Canata. I didn’t know why I was accepting Him, but I just knew – I had to. That I couldn’t leave there without Him. That was the night I was saved.

  51. Jim Dukes says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is returning home after attending late night Christmas Eve services with my family, going to bed full of the anticipation of my family coming in the morning for my wife’s sausage & egg casserole and playing the White Elephant gift exchange game. It is a wonderful time of fellowship, laughter, and relaxation as we remember our Lord’s first advent and His coming passion

  52. Jamey McGowan says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is that it’s a whole season dedicated to Jesus’ birthday regardless of the traditions. It’s the time of year that a lot of people are more receptive about going to church. Why does that matter? Because when they go to church and hear the Gospel being preached, the Word of God is being planted into their heart and mind which helps draw them closer to God. All the glory goes to Him. That’s my favorite thing about Christmas. Oh, and I also really like peppermint and “Christmas at the Library” 🙂

  53. Cynthia Randall says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is remembering why we celebrate Christmas…the birth of the our Savior and King! I love the music, the lights, the whole celebration of this most wonderful gift to us, the birth of our redeemer and Lord of Lords! The lights at Christmas show us the light has come into the world and makes me think of the bright star that heralded Jesus birth in a lowly manger. The music tells the story to all who will listen about his birth and the gifts celebrate the gift of his only beloved Son who came to earth to save us from our sins. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for us!

  54. linda says:

    I would love to have it mr. Graham is such a man of god, i think alot of him merry christmas!!!

  55. Kay Gaddy says:

    Waking up to celebrate the birth of Jesus, he is the reason for Christmas. We celebrate his birth. Jesus is the reason for the season! Then being with my family which is getting smaller as my husband and parents have gone to heaven. It’s just my son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. I love being with them, we’re all Christians and will join the three that went before us soon!

  56. Sandra Samples says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is being able to spend time with my family. It is so important to share with my grandchildren the real meaning of Christmas.

  57. Joyce Jackson says:

    The best thing about Christmas is having everyone in the family to come together at one feast and read the Christmas story, then to see the entire room totally in disarray from the opening of gifts. I look at the room I had so meticulously cleaned and decorated for everyone, and the sight of the paper and gift wrap scattered all around the room; I draw a deep breath and thank the Lord for the gift of my family.

  58. Treva says:

    My favorite thing is spending time with family

  59. Andrea Williams says:

    I have two favorite things. The first is the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve when the lights are turned out and everyone in the congregation lifts their candle while we sing Silent Night. My second is Christmas Day. After all the presents are opened and we’ve had breakfast, the family gathers around the tree and my Dad would read the story of Jesus being born.

  60. Barbara Hoxit says:

    On this day a Savior was born to save a lost world. Aren’t we glad to be one and wished the whole world would repent and believe in the ever lasting Savior who have his all.

  61. Kathy Berrier says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is knowing our Saviour came to us this day to save me and everyone else who will only ask, I love that! Greatest gift of all!

  62. Kathy Reep says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family and creating memories. Singing Christmas carols and the sweet Nativity scene. I love going to the Billy Graham Library. It would be such an honor to meet him. He’s a true man of God!

  63. Don Collison says:

    When it snows. It reminds me that because of the birth of the Christian child, my sins are washed white as snow!!!

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