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1967 Tokyo Crusade

April 1, 2012

These are items which are not displayed in our permanent exhibit but are offered here for online viewing.

This month we’re presenting various items that were used in the 1967 Tokyo Crusade. This was the first of several Crusades held in Japan over the years. Others were held in 1980 (Fukuoka, Okinawa, Osaka and Tokyo) and 1994 (Tokyo).

Years before in 1956, Billy Graham also held meetings in three Japanese cities—Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. These meetings prove to be the seeds which help plant future Crusades in Japan. When he returned home he said, “I knew without a doubt, the Far East would feature in our future plans somehow.”

In recent years Franklin Graham has carried on the tradition of ministry in Japan with Festivals held in Okinawa (2006) and Osaka (2010), and just recently returned from a Festival in Sendai.

God has open the doors for the Billy Graham Association in Japan and we hope to continue a legacy of bringing the Gospel to their people.

View the 1967 Tokyo Crusade items below.

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