12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 9

For 12 days, we are posting Christmas giveaways in anticipation of the day Jesus Christ was born. Our hope is that these gifts will encourage followers of the blog to focus on the real meaning of this season. Today’s giveaway includes a Billy Graham Library outdoor blanket.

Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive the “Day 9” giveaway, share what your favorite season is in the comments below. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at https://billygrahamlibrary.org/12-days-christmas-giveaways-day-9/ before Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 at 12 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Julie B says:

    I love Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Christ, the tree, lights and special memories and time spent with my family.

  2. Andrea Hodgins says:

    My favorite season is Autumn. Growing up in the Northeast, the beauty that we see most every year is phenomenal. The crisp change in the air, the patchwork colors, and later the falling and rustling leaves, all serve as daily blessings, and reminders of the incredible masterpiece of creation. We also observe Thanksgiving, during this time, which I especially love, because of the way that our minds our drawn toward gratitude, for all that God has blessed us with. It also reminds me to pray daily for a heart that sees those not so fortunate as I am, and serves them with His love.

  3. Jon Johnson says:

    My favorite season is spring, because of the warmer weather,trip to the beach, and of course baseball is back!!

  4. Tiffany Bailey says:

    My favorite season is fall. I love when the temperature starts dropping and we experience the crisp, cool air. I especially love seeing the fall foliage! The reds, oranges, and yellows in the trees truly show God’s beautiful handiwork!

  5. MJ Roberts says:

    My favorite holiday .. 4th of July. One might wonder why so I will explain. When Jesus came born of a virgin and then 33 years later took our sins, went to hell for 3 days to get the keys of death, and on the 3rd day ascended to heaven and secured our forever home with Him.
    The fourth of July follows a human freedom. The soldiers fought to free us from absolute rule of beliefs forced upon the people. When the war was over, freedom was ours. There was death, compassion, belief, strong character, and absolute determination to do what was right for the people.
    Freedom is not free, someone has to pay for freedom.
    I lived in relationships where there wasn’t freedom,but with my relationship with Jesus…I always had spiritual freedom.

  6. Charleen M. Wilkes says:

    My favorite season is Christmastime! Just to hear the story of Mary becoming with child, so young and innocent. And how she and Joseph travelled on a donkey for days, just to find there was no rooms available because of the census. How someone felt sorry for her and let them use his clean stable for her to deliver The Son Of God!

  7. Silvanus Okon says:

    Pray for the children of North Korea who have never had the good news that Jesus saves. Pray the as we celebrate the Christmas with the Scripture saying “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isa. 9:6), that the government of North Korea will be on the shoulders of our Lord and Master Jesus for the sake of boys and girls.

  8. Cortney McNeal says:

    I don’t really have a favorite season. I love them all! I love the smell of flowers in Springtime; such beautiful delicate things that God created! I love school being out, birthday celebrations, and beach trips with my children in Summer. I love the bright and bold colors of the changing leaves, and the crisp cool breeze of Autumn. And i love the celebration of the birth of Jesus and all of the many festivities of winter!

  9. Pamela Mehaffey says:

    I love Spring when we celebrate Easter, and everything is fresh and new beginnings happen.

  10. Karen Pope says:

    The older I get, I must admit that summer is becoming more and more my favorite season. It is short and sweet where I live, so I really appreciate the summer days! I do love some things about all of the seasons, but summer is warmer and full of family time with vacation, picking strawberries, and creemees after supper to watch the sunset. Yes, summer is my favorite!!

  11. Christie Cheatham says:

    My favorite season is Spring. When it arrives I have this feeling of “A new beginning!” Everything that has been closed up is now beginning to open and bloom. It seems that all is just beginning to grow also, but some have​ been growing underneath. Reminds me of God working His plans in my life. Thank you, Lord!

  12. Austin Beavers says:

    My favorite season of the year is Christmas. The reason Christmas is my favorite season of the year is because we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but not only that but the reason it is my favorite season of the year is because Jesus came so that we would have life and have it more abundantly. He went to the cross and died and shed his blood for me on the cross so I could be forgiven and not only for me but for everyone and that’s why Christmas is my favorite season of the year.

  13. Patsy Green says:

    My favorite season is, well it’s hard to choose just one but I will say spring. All things are renewed. Gods colors come into bloom, the birds sing a more chipper. I love to watch the clouds in a bright blue sky, I am in awe at Gods great beauty and promises.

  14. Barbara Mooring says:

    Winter because at this time of year Christ was born – so with his birth – new life was personified in him not only as a babe but to give us eternal life through him if we trust in Jesus. It began for all human kind the journey God planned before our creation. Winter also expresses for me the precursor to Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. In winter things die down, but in Spring the earth comes back to life.

  15. Dina Grant says:

    I love Spring! I love the return of beautiful green grass and new flowers.

  16. Brian M says:

    Winter especially here in North Carolina. The weather can be mild enough to enjoy but also the rare chance of a nice Christmas day snow.

  17. Blessie Nelson says:

    I love the autumn! The fall leaves and the naturesque sight!

  18. Landon Surratte says:

    My favorite season is the Christmas season! The world just seems more peaceful and I love all the festivities and celebrations that take place!

  19. Anna Pry says:

    favorite season is fall

  20. Jane Allen says:

    I love the fall with the vast array of beautiful colors in God’s great creation/masterpiece of the world. The weather is awesome with crisp air & fall means Christmas is on the way. The birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus. I love all the beauty of Christmas & true meaning of Jesus’s birth! Jesus came for all to be saved. #Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! God bless all!

  21. Lesa LePage says:

    Love the colorful leaves.
    We have a colorful calico cat… her name is Autumn.

  22. Annette Nucaro says:

    My favorite season is Spring. It brings me back to the scriptures, The winter has past, the Spring has come. Flowers appear on the earth. Such hope is renewed with each Spring. All God’s promises are yes and Amen. It is a beautiful reminder.

  23. Barbara McLaughlin says:

    My favorite holiday is Easter. Jesus’s death on the cross so we can have eternal life with Him is the greatest gift anyone in the world could ever ask for!

  24. Jessica McMasters says:

    I love Fall!!

  25. Sandra coleman says:

    My favorite season is Thanksgiving, time to be with loved ones and share the many blessings we have to be so thankul for..

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