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“Just celebrated one of my birthdays by donating/renewing friendship to the Billy Graham Library, which gave me a second birthday … the day I was BORN AGAIN! Wish I was there to celebrate with my Library family-maybe before my second birthday of the year. Amen.”

“Me and three ladies signed up to volunteer at the Operation Christmas Child project so we traveled from Kentucky had the opportunity to hear Franklin Graham speak at the processing center, which we enjoyed. We decided to visit the Billy Graham Library and I had no idea what a treat this was going to be. It was awesome and the love of Jesus shined thru each person that was working at the Library. I thought if I was to ever have the opportunity to meet Billy Graham in person what would I say. It came to me what a vessel Mr. Graham has been for Jesus. Jesus has been able to use him in a mighty way to spread the good news if we could all step up and do a fraction of what Mr Graham accomplished in his 60+ years of evangelism I believe a lot could be accomplished. To finish out our trip was our volunteer work at Operation Christmas child from 5-9pm. What a blessing! I just didn’t know what to expect and wow it was awesome. I told one of the ladies that night with tears in my eyes this is what Christmas is all about. May God Bless each and everyone. ”

“My husband, son, daughter-in-law, grandson, and I visited the Billy Graham Library. It was my son and his family’s first time there. It is such a wonderful family trip. I love the scenery, and especially the music. “Just As I Am” playing softly reminds me that God accepts us just as we are. I am so glad that he does. We enjoyed our trip, and I would love to return at Christmas. I would also love to bring my oldest son and his family sometime.”

“I have not visited the Library yet, but it is my plan to visit this year. As a little girl my aunt would always watch Rev. Billy Graham’s Crusades on TV and I can remember to this day how much she enjoyed his program. As I grew older Rev. Graham became a great part of my life because I was raised in church but I always felt like something was missing. Watching his telecast is where I first found out you had to accept Christ in your life to be saved and I remember saying the prayer of salvation with him while sitting in front of the television. I thank God for putting this dream into the hearts of all that brought the dream to reality. Thank you Rev. Graham for being a vessel that brought me to the true understanding of God’s love.”

“I grew up with my mother who watched the Billy Graham crusades. And after a broadcast, one of the outreach workers referred her to a church in Woodbridge, CT. We started going when I was around 7 years old, and this changed our lives. I am now in my 40s. My mother died 4 years ago at 65 years old. She was a true servant in Christ who watched Mr. Graham faithfully until the end. I know that it was Mr. Graham’s influence and God that impacted my mother’s life. She cared about her family and others honestly and faithfully that way Jesus cared for all of us. Mr. Graham is like not other preacher, real and true, and explaining the Bible in simple terms.I just purchased the DVD combo, ‘Hope for America’. It is great. I hope to visit the Billy Graham Library in the future. ”

“In January 1995 my father passed away suddenly. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. Later that year my friend Mark Campbell took me to the Billy Graham Crusade at SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario. My father and I used to watch the Crusades on TV, he always said “Billy Graham is the one who will never, ever, go bad, and he keeps it simple. Billy presents the message concisely, gives the invitation, and leaves the rest up to God and us”. Mark and I sat at the highest spot in SkyDome. Mark was praying beside me, I said a quick prayer, and then I felt the power of the Holy Spirit to answer the call. As I proceeded to the steps Mark asked if I needed him to go with me, I responded, “I’m in God’s hands now, there is no better, safer place”, and proceeded to the floor to accept Christ as my Saviour. Mark went to be with the Lord a few years later. This past August my sons and I visited my brother and his wife in Rock Hill, SC. On Monday, 19 August, I took my boys to the Billy Graham Library. The three of us were impressed. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, I did not want to leave. We paid our respects at Ruth’s Grave, said a prayer and went on our way. We look forward, God willing, to a visit again next yeat. Keep up the good work and God Bless.”

“My family visited the Library this past Saturday. It was beyond what we were expecting! Everyone was so nice, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was clearly evident. What a pure joy it was to visit there! We look forward to our next visit, hoping to bring as many people as possible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

“I visited The Library on 10/18/11 and I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I told the greeter of how I became a born again Christian. When I was 17 years old, at my high school there was a showing of a Billy Graham movie. Then the Preacher gave the invitation to repent, ask forgiveness for my sins and accept Jesus Christ in my heart through the Holy Spirit. I also went into the garden to pray. I thanked my Heavenly Father that I was able to come to Library and also thanked Him for having my wife of 54.5 years. I know she is in Heaven, with our Savior Jesus Christ and some day I will be with her forever. Thank God.”

“Two friends of mine and I just went to the Billy Graham Library last Friday. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we walked onto the property. It truly was an experience that I will never forget, all my remaining life. The people that worked at the Library were truly special people, so kind and genuine. May God Bless Billy and his family for giving this gift to the world!”

“I go to the Billy Graham Library every time I travel from upstate NY to Charlotte, NC. I will never forget the first time I had the pleasure of walking through the large cross at the entrance. The moment I entered the building I could feel the presence of God. Everything glorified our wonderful and merciful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By the time I was in the last section of my first tour, my eyes were swelling with tears of great joy and comfort. I have always been fond of Billy Graham and the fact that he leads me toward our Lord. The Library is an awesome, beautiful place. I recommend it to everyone I know, believers and non-believers. God Bless Billy Graham and the entire BGEA staff and volunteers.”

“We were there for my husband’s business trip. I wanted to visit the library of Billy Graham. I asked my husband. He told me to find something else. The Billy Graham Library ended up being very close to our hotel and was free. My husband gave in. I felt the Holy Spirit in the very first room and prayed for the Lord to talk to my husband about changing his life. In the last room where after you finish the sinner’s prayer, the doors opened on the right. I walked quickly to the crosses. My husband told me to turn around to take my picture. As soon as he took my picture the doors closed and the lights turned off in the room he was in. He couldn’t open the door due to no knobs on doors and he got sad. A man and I opened the door for him and my husband’s eyes were watery and he told me that God was talking to him. He pictured heaven’s doors closing on him and being in the dark and not making it in heaven and watching me enter heaven. We went to the prayer area and a man named Bill prayed for my husband, our marriage and our son to be healed. When I got home from our trip my son was sitting now and walking so much better in his walker. My son is 3 year old and unable to walk, talk, sit and has seizures. My husband is still in NC for work reasons. I won’t ever forget our time at the Billy Graham Library. Praise God.”

“We visited the library right before Dr. Graham’s 90th birthday. I wrote the letter to be included in his birthday wishes because he has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I am now 66 years old and remember how I used to listen to him on the radio on Sunday nights and watched him on TV. When we were there, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. I have always admired Billy Graham and all he stands for. What an awesome experience to go thru the library and thru his life as he preached the gospel. We hope to get back to the library again this spring. When we were there, it was as though you didn’t want to leave. What an amazing tribute to a true man of God. I just saw Franklin Graham at the Holyland Exp in Orlando. I am supporting him as well. What a blessing. Thank You to the Grahams.”

“I grew up at Calvary Church in Charlotte and have very fond memories of the Graham family. I loved Ms. Graham and Mr. Frank, Billy’s parents, this is what I called them. I have one beautiful memory when George Beverly Shea sang “How great thou Art” one Sunday morning and I was sure the windows were going to break. God bless all the family and Franklin as he does God’s work.”

“I visited the Library in July with my wife and we absolutely enjoyed our visit. I felt such a peaceful feeling like I have never felt before. I knew it was the presence of our Lord Jesus. I cannot wait until I can live in the area and volunteer my time and just share what our Lord has to offer.”

“I arrived to N.C for business training. I stayed at a hotel 30 miles away. Asked the front desk of the hotel of the map in the area. I saw Billy Grahams Library on it. I didn’t know my way around first day there, but I wanted to see this. As I arrived, I felt the awesome feeling that God was truly at this place. I stayed for a few hours, couldn’t leave. Felt a strong and loving feeling around. While at the training area of the firm I am working for, they told me Billy Grahams Library was just a half mile up the road. After work, I was there till closing.This is truly a place of mediation with the Load. A definite must see. Your whole way of life will change in a moments time.”

“I was so moved when I visited the Library with my students that I brought my wife this Monday, less than a week later. I have two neighbors who never visited and my wife and I are going bring them this Saturday to the Library”

“As I walked over the grounds and then inside I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe. I was so grateful to God for giving us a bold witness in Billy Graham, and for the ministry he has had for all these years. It was fun to reminisce what God has done thru the years with his life. What a wonderful tribute to God this Library gives us. It shows a man, dedicated all of his life to serving and sharing the gospel. It challenges us to be bolder ourselves and to get busy serving and sharing. It also gives an invitation to those who do not know the Lord. What a testimony! Even after he is gone, his life will still be reaching others for Christ thru this beautiful place. Amen.”

“Please forgive me, since I have not yet visited the Billy Graham Library but I pray that some day I will be able to visit. Billy Graham has been present in my life for over 45 yrs. How very much I admire and respect him and his devotion to Christ and preaching the Gospel all over the world. I am now 72 yrs. old and if I were a child with an illness I would ask the “Make a Wish Foundation” to allow my wish to come true … to visit the Billy Graham Library at Christmas time. How beautiful and inspiring that would be! At any time! Thank you.”

“I was awed and encouraged by the whole presentation, the focus on Christ and for the truth and scriptural messages.”

“I see how people are coming to Christ as they view the displays. I was moved to tears …”

“Rev. Billy Graham has been a part of my life, all 41 years of it. You feel God’s presence all over this place. You feel at peace and a love that I’ve never felt before. Thank you for this lovely place!”

“Wasn’t expecting how grand an experience this could be. Thank you.”

“As a volunteer, I sat in my power chair outside the prayer room. I felt a person begin to hug me, laying their head on my neck. I turned and a young girl about 12 moved to where she could look at me. She made a noise that was not a spoken word and hugged me twice more. I realized she was a special needs young lady and unable to talk or sign at all. Her parents said she had never done anything like that, ever. I placed my right arm around her and she began to cry. I told her that Jesus loves her and that I did to. Her mom said, we don’t understand. Franklin’s last words to this girl were, ‘If you have invited Jesus into your heart, tell one of your staff members.’ I’m convinced that she did just that.”

“The love of Christ was apparent in every volunteer and staff member we came in contact with …”

“Wow. Thank you Lord for sharing this with so many. He does reign eternally.”

“It was 5 p.m. and a little 10-year old boy turned in his Bessie Brain Teaser for his gift. I told him Jesus loved him and asked him if he knew it. He said he did and I asked if he knew Jesus personally like a friend and he said no. I began to tell him about God’s love for him, about sin, and about what Jesus did for us on the cross. He prayed with me to receive Christ. When I went to get him a gospel of John, his 8-year old brother was there. He ask to have one too. I talked with him about Jesus and when I finished, I asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus in his heart. He said, ‘I already did … when you prayed with my brother over there.’ God is awesome. What an amazing day.”

“Billy Graham was Christ-centered and so was my impression of this facility.”

“I was real impressed with the people working. They truly show their love of Jesus. Everything was wonderful.”

“My wife passed away ten days ago after 59 years of marriage. I wanted to go over to the Library to meditate and pray in the garden area. I have been four times and it’s a little bit of heaven on earth for me. I had completed the tour again and headed to the prayer garden in my power chair. I was saved at age 14 in 1942 and the invitation hymn was ‘Softly and Tenderly.’ As I was in deep prayer, the piped music played ‘Softly and Tenderly.’ You play many hymns I’m sure, but amid tears, I felt the hand of the Lord on my shoulder. Thank you for this wonderful place. I’ll be back many times.”

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