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From the Bookshelf of Billy Graham – May 2015

In 1957, Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held what would be the longest Crusade event ever by team in New York City from May 1 through September 15 of that year.


Transform lives by serving at the Library! From welcoming guests and helping them through the Library, to praying with those who want to make a decision for Jesus Christ, Library volunteers ensure a friendly and spiritually enriching time for all Library guests. If you want to minister to people from around the world and enjoy …

‘That’s How Small My Faith Was’: Amber Brantly to Share Missionary Experience

“God is in control. I am just so privileged to play a small part in His story and His mission of reconciliation.”

Bobby Bowden on Billy Graham Library Visit: ‘The Highlight of My Year’

On Saturday there were an unusual number of people at the Billy Graham Library wearing maroon. Although, a Florida State University (FSU) fan would call it “garnet.”

Tim Brown: “The Making of A Man” book signing Jan. 24

Join us Saturday, January 24 from 1-3 p.m. as we welcome Tim Brown, author of “The Making of a Man,” former Heisman Trophy winner, and 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist to the Billy Graham Library.

The Crusade Musicians

Billy Graham learned early in his ministry how important it was to have gifted musicians on the Crusade platform with him. In earlier months we shared how God led Billy to George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows and how invaluable they soon became in the Crusade meetings. Equally important were Tedd Smith in the early …

Grady and T.W. Wilson – The Early Years

In his book “Just As I Am“, Billy Graham reminds us several times that the ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was and is a team effort. He writes, “The dedicated men and women working with us have been willing to do anything and everything. In the case Grady and T.W. Wilson, both now …

Remembering Ruth Bell Graham

Last month we talked about Ruth’s early years, her growing up, and beginning school years in China. How she furthered her education in Korea, then at Wheaton College, and how God prepared her to eventually become the wife of Billy Graham. However, those who had the opportunity to meet her (or read some of her …

Summer is here!

Summer is here! Relaxing might mean something different for everyone in your family. We have something in store for everyone this summer at the Billy Graham Library. Ruth’s Attic Bookstore has lots of treasures for mom – from books and Bibles, to apparel and jewelry. Bring your girlfriends for a morning trip and reflect in …

Cliff Barrows: The Early Years

This month Cliff Barrows celebrates his 90th birthday! As we mentioned in the March email, Cliff was one of the first team members to join with Billy Graham to form the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. How did it all begin? It was the summer of 1945. Billy was speaking at a meeting in Asheville, North …

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