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How do I teach my children to pray?

We all want to do what’s best for our children. But what happens who we don’t know where to start? When we’ve reached an impasse or don’t have the answers ourselves? Billy Graham speaks to a basic faith development moment in “My Answer.” Sometimes our little boy refuses to say his prayers. What should we …

Remembering Ruth Bell Graham

Last month we talked about Ruth’s early years, her growing up, and beginning school years in China. How she furthered her education in Korea, then at Wheaton College, and how God prepared her to eventually become the wife of Billy Graham. However, those who had the opportunity to meet her (or read some of her …

Staff Picks from Ruth’s Attic Bookstore: Celebrate America

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day we recognize those in our armed forces. “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9)

Billy Graham: Why do prayers go unanswered?

Billy Graham answers: “Why is it that so many prayers are unanswered? In fact, I wonder if there is anything to prayer at all.”

George Beverly Shea: Saying Goodbye to Our Dear Friend

George Beverly Shea, 104, soloist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), passed away yesterday.

What Does God Have to Do With Taxes?

In the United States, with mid-April comes Tax Day, that dreaded time of year when we wrestle with paperwork and receipts in hopes of a lower tax bill or a larger refund. Billy Graham has addressed a number of questions concerning taxes through the years in his column My Answer. Here, he directly addresses an important question: what does God have to do with taxes?

Being a Christian

Becoming a Christian is the work of a moment; being a Christian is the work of a lifetime. Read more from Billy Graham.

Life Lessons from Cliff Barrows at Age 90

As he celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, Cliff Barrows is an example of a life lived wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ. Still sharp as a tack, Scripture rolls off Barrows’ tongue as he doles out wisdom gained over the course of 90 years on this planet.

3 Generations of Grahams Reflect on the Meaning of Easter

Three generations of Graham evangelists – Billy, Franklin and Will – answer this question: What does Easter me to me?

An Eye-Opening Experience

Debbie Hall and her husband are restaurant managers with conflicting schedules. They don’t get much time together but did take a Valentine’s Day trip to the Billy Graham Library.

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