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Meet the Team: Grady Wilson

Meet Grady Wilson, one of Billy Graham’s close companions and childhood friends.

Grady and T.W. Wilson – The Early Years

In his book “Just As I Am“, Billy Graham reminds us several times that the ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was and is a team effort. He writes, “The dedicated men and women working with us have been willing to do anything and everything. In the case Grady and T.W. Wilson, both now …

On this date: The Modesto Manifesto

In 1948, Billy Graham began a series of evangelistic meetings in Modesto, California, along with his ministry team, comprised of Cliff Barrows, George Beverly (“Bev”) Shea and Grady Wilson.

This Date in History: July 14, 1950 – Billy Graham’s First White House Visit

On July 14, 1950, a young Billy Graham made his first visit to the White House, for a meeting with President Truman. He brought along Crusade team members Grady Wilson, Cliff Barrows and Jerry Beaven. He details the account in the opening pages of Just As I Am.

70th Anniversary Part III – Greater Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade of 1949

In our third part of the series, we are featuring cowboy and radio star Stuart Hamblen.

70th Anniversary – Greater Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade of 1949

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Greater Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade of 1949. The event, only initially planned to run for three weeks, ran for an amazing eight weeks. For the next eight weeks, we’ll explore this defining moment in the ministry of Billy Graham. This week, we’ll be taking a look …

Billy Graham Radio: From Local to National to Satellite

Billy Graham’s mission has always been to spread the Gospel in every effective means possible. So, how did he go from local to national to satellite radio?

Remembering Ruth Bell Graham

Last month we talked about Ruth’s early years, her growing up, and beginning school years in China. How she furthered her education in Korea, then at Wheaton College, and how God prepared her to eventually become the wife of Billy Graham. However, those who had the opportunity to meet her (or read some of her …

When Billy Graham Found Christ

These are items which are not displayed in our permanent exhibit but are offered here for online viewing. Have you ever wondered how Billy Graham surrendered his life to Jesus Christ? This month we’re showcasing the book, When Billy Graham Found Christ written by Edward E. Ham (the nephew of Mordecai Ham, a well-known evangelist …

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