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We carry a number of titles from Dr. David Jeremiah at Ruth’s Attic Bookstore at the Billy Graham Library or online at One of our favorites is “Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World.”


This Date in History: Monumental 1949 LA Crusade Begins

Sixty-three years ago today, the tent that had been erected on the corner of Washington and Hill streets in Los Angeles was “open for business.” The groundbreaking campaign, which was sponsored by the Christ for Greater Los Angeles Committee, was originally scheduled to last three weeks, but was extended to eight weeks due to overwhelming interest.

Buffalo: Yesterday and Today

The year was 1988. The heat was described in Decision magazine as “stifling” and “oppressive.” But, the warm temperatures and violent thunderstorms in the area couldn’t keep thousands from attending the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Billy Graham Crusade that August.

This Date in History: Billy Graham’s first city-wide campaign begins

On Sept. 13, 1947, a historic event took place. It was the beginning of Billy Graham’s first city-wide campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan, held under the banner of Youth for Christ as it would be three more years until the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association came into existence.

Bear One Another’s Burdens

It’s so easy to give to a charity or a ministry and feel good about it. It’s not so easy to provide the personal charity. It’s easier to give to someone overseas than it is to take a casserole next door. May God give us the sensitivity to recognize the needs of those around us and lend a helping hand.

There’s a Purpose

ix months after the assassination of President Kennedy, on May 17, 1964, a special memorial service was held at Kenan Stadium on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Billy Graham offered a tribute to the President, in which he shares a personal memory of an important conversation.

Billy Graham: You are Greater than your Work

A special message from Billy Graham as we prepare for the national observance of Labor Day.

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